On minimalist living

Few things soothe me more than the thought that all of my material possessions could be contained within the trunk of my car at a moments notice. Some may criticize me for this, viewing my desire as a lack of commitment to remain in a single environment.

Perhaps they are correct.

Looking around my rented room, I see a modest amount of possessions. After moving from one house to another, I purged many of my belongings. My closet in this new home is incredibly small, but has proved to be a blessing. How many pairs of pajamas do I really need?

I have one bowl, one plate, one set of silverware. Still, I crave less. The only objects I would feel a void after losing would be my collection of sketchbooks, journals, and letters.

What is your relationship to your possessions? Do you possess them, or do they possess you?

I will conclude with an excerpt from Marina Abramovic’s An Artist’s Life Manifesto:

14. An artist’s possessions:

Buddhist monks advise that it is best to have nine possessions in their life:
1 robe for the summer
1 robe for the winter
1 pair of shoes
1 begging bowl for food
1 mosquito net
1 prayer book
1 umbrella
1 mat to sleep on
1 pair of glasses if needed
An artist should decide for himself the minimum personal possessions they should have
An artist should have more and more of less and less
An artist should have more and more of less and less
An artist should have more and more of less and less”


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