Artist Focus: Dan-ah Kim

           I was first introduced to Dan-ah Kim while scrolling through Tumblr, and was awoken from my reblogging hypnosis by the simple beauty of her work. The work shown above, titled ‘Morning,’ was the first illustration I saw by Kim. It’s one of those pieces of art that you see and immediately want to plaster to your wall… and everything else you own. Being so enamored with her style, I had to find out more about her and her art. ‘Morning’ is part of a series of works by Kim, some of which are pictured below, followed by several favorites I’ve found among her online archives. Enjoy!
 Fighting Stance
A Heart Gone Mad
Beautiful Adventures

While all of her art is beautiful, there is something magnetic about those first simple, little illustrations. The muted palette, the soft lines… it just seems to strike something in me! I urge you to do your own explorations in regards to this fantastic artist. The variety and innovation of work exceeds breathtaking.

To order prints from Dan-Ah Kim, check out her etsy shop.
To view more of her art, head over to her website.


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