A Peek in my Dorm Room


  The dorm room is an art in itself. This one (very small) room must function as a kitchen, workspace/art studio, bedroom, living area… the list goes on. Oh, and you have to share half of it with another person. While this space is continuously evolving, I feel I have reached some kind of balance between the need for functionality and my own desire for self expression, but I’ll let you decide. I hope you enjoy this tour of my space!

Although the duvet was one of my biggest splurge items, I regret absolutely nothing. It is has the sweetest floral print, is super soft, and it’s reversible. The crochet blanket is one of my proudest thrifted finds, snagged for only 2 bucks! Oh, and the ‘It’s Ok’ pennant is made by yours truly, but you can buy a similar one here.
This is my favorite part of the entire room, affectionately named ‘the art wall.’ It’s been slowly growing since the day I moved in and nearly every piece has a story behind it. Most of the art was found, or made by me, but a few bits were purchased. (I must give a shout out to one of my favorite Etsy shops, Oh Gosh Cindy, where two prints are from!)
This cart from Ikea doubles as a nightstand and acts as extra storage. I lucked out and found it in the scratch and dent section at Ikea, so I snagged it at 30% off… score. It’s small enough not to interfere with your roommate’s side of the room and it’s on wheels so you can easily move it around.
My desk has a lot going on, but in a good way (I hope). It’s my center of operations: my vanity, my coffee station, my work space, and it’s continually housing some kind of cumbersome art assignment.
A couple close ups…
These old postcards and poster were thrifted (I think the lot of them cost me a whole dollar). I love the warm, vintage feel they give this little niche.
I will close with the closet. After much research on Pinterest, I feel my closet organization captures the essence of the phrase, ‘on point.’ I decided to try using adhesive hooks to hang my laundry bag and towel on the doors of my wardrobe, which has saved me an enormous amount of space! I roll bulky sweaters/scarves/hats and put them in a hanging shoe organizer. My shoes are kept on a cheap shoe rack I picked up at Walmart. As for the rest of my closet, shirts hang and everything else is folded neatly in the two drawers beneath.
To all of you dorm-bound out there, I hope this provided some inspiration for your future spaces. If you have any questions about where I got anything, please leave a comment and I will try to find a link for you. Thanks for reading!

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